Potency of Love

Let Love Lead

LOVE, the four-letter word that means EVERYTHING.

Leave it ALL on the table and don’t hold back
Opt for COMPLETE transparency and hide nothing
Volunteer your heart and TOTAL devotion, remember
EVERYTHING on the table, or it’s not love.

It’s the four-letter words with mighty significance. What you do with love, leaves an imprint forever. It may not be an immediate imprint, but the imprint lives and manifests in various ways and through time.

Complete and reciprocal love is a force to reckon with. It’s a bond that is unbreakable. Love nullifies hate and makes trying situations less intense. It makes you feel special, healthy, hopeful and strong. Love is a strong force that can move mountains!

When you love completely, you sow a great seed. A seed of joy, happiness, peace, and goodness in the world. This seed germinates and spread, and forms a beautify color all around the world, it carries through from generation to generation.

Now, please remember to always LOVE YOURSELF FIRST, sincerely, honestly, completely and unconditionally. Doing this allows you the empowerment to truly love others because you will have no inhibitions, conditions, inferiorities or self-fear. You will feel confident in giving others your love because you have first given it all to yourself, which makes your ready to share.

So LOVE yourself first, live for yourself first, then love and leave everything on the table, Opt for complete transparency, Volunteer your heart and total devotion, and always remember that Everything goes on the table, or it’s not love.