Keep Your Head UP!

Motivation for Accomplishing Goals. Keep your Head UP!
Keep your Head UP! See your Goodness!

Keep your Head UP!

Have you ever felt deflated and uninspired? Do you sometimes feel like no matter what you do things just don’t seem to be going your way? Do you sometimes just feel like keeping your head down in embarrassment, disappointment, fatigue, fear, or just plain old habit? Well Friend, wake up, shake it off and keep your head up!

Keeping your head down, feeling deflated, dejected, uninspired, unmotivated…. gets you absolutely nowhere but downhill? So why do you do it? You cannot wallow in your pity and expect miracles to happen…. Get up, shake it off, chuck whatever negative experience(s) you’ve had to part of life’s lessons and use that lesson to boost you into your power!

Keep your head up, so that you can clearly see your goodness and the best things to come. Yes, obstacles and unanticipated hurdles may get in your way, but keeping your head up and your eyes on the target, helps you in focusing and forging on and overcoming these negative experiences. In keeping your head up, you will plow through negative experiences and forge on to the positive outcomes. Remember You’re your own greatest motivator!

It is natural to want to wallow in your pity and feel like you can’t do anything else. But why settle for self-pity, when you can have a better outcome! The road may not be easy, but if your destination is defined, and you keep your head up and eyes on the target; you’ll get there, look back on your experiences and smile!

Everyone has a story to tell and a story is not a story without hurdles and negative experiences, but the outcome of a good story is always anticipated. So keep your head up! Forge on and make your story a great one with an exceptional ending! 

Always, Keep your head up and look forward to your goodness! This song by Andy Grammer Says it perfectly! Enjoy!