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Thank you for visiting I created this site to share my self-authored inspirational and motivational resources and handmade products (see Ronnyswork page) with others. These resources include quotes, phrases, poems (see Poems page), blogs (see Blog page) jokes and other items that can be used to help change/realign our daily outlook on the various and interesting dynamics that life throws our way. My goal is to make each day a great (gr8) and accomplished day and ultimately live a great and fulfilled life. I typically use these quotes and sayings to jolt myself out of what I call my “funk mood”. This practice helps me in re-aligning my perspectives, refocusing my energy while forging-on towards my goal. An accumulation of great days becomes great weeks, which becomes great months and ultimately great years; thereby leading to a happier and fulfilled life. pages will exhibit various of my self-authored inspirational quotes, poems and sticky note pieces of advice (sticky2me) used to channel my energy towards the accomplishment of my goal. These are sometimes thought-provoking, blatant, subtle, sensitive and other times simple yet eye-opening (“lightbulb-ish” or “duh-ish”); but they always work for me. An interesting realization is that the meanings of the notes do not sometimes fully resonate until days after. I, therefore, make it a point at the end of each week to revisit and deliberate on my notes; which is another reason why is very valuable to me.

My mission is to share and use my passion (writing quotes and creating things)- to motivate myself and others. So join me in this story of making each day a gr8 day; because “a perfect story cannot be about the main character only, it has to include all characters that made the story”.

Views and opinions shared on my blogs are mine only; and are intended to inspire, motivate and help with self-development. I am neither a psychologist nor therapist. Please contact a professional for advice whenever necessary.

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