My Sticky Notes

These Sticky2me Notes Help keep me focused on the Achievement of my Daily Target

I often write daily Sticky2me notes (post-it notes) to myself; with target messages that I want to focus on, in order to makeitagr8day. I place these notes close to my line-of-sight and use them as accountability managers! This practice helps a great deal in getting me to remember my target, re-align my focus, have a great disposition and forge on towards the achievement of my ultimate goal. I pick one Sticky2me note each morning (or write new ones) and religiously use it as a guide to making sure that my day ends up being great. It’s not always easy to stick to these (believe me, I sometimes have to re-use them because I falter and get sidetracked), but once it becomes a habit, your target is achieved and you feel great. I am still working on making this a habit, so we’re in it together!

Check back frequently for updated #sticky2me notes!


Be Happy Always!Just Do IT!