My Inspirational (sometimes funny) Poems


my 1st attempt at rhyming…… I love it already!



The weekend is upon us,

to take a rest we must;

We’ll decompress from the week,

by hanging out with a drink;

And when Sunday arises,

we’ll take some wise advices;

To better prepare our minds,

for another wondrous Grind.


Poem 2:

I am!…

I am strong, I will survive;

I am humble, I will thrive;

I am loved, I will grow;

I am admired, I will show;

I am kind, I will give;

I am a survivor, I will live!

#iam #affirmation #makeitagr8day

Poem 3:

Eye on the Target

Keep your eye on the target, no matter what…

You will stumble, You will fall;

You will whisper, You will yell;

You will pray, You will swear;

You will procrastinate, You will persevere;

You will laugh , You will cry…

But keep your eye on the target, until you can say it’s yours!

#Eyeonthetarget, #makeitagr8day