Who Do You Live For?

WHo Do you Live for?

Who do you live for?

Do you live for yourself first? Do you take care of yourself first, so that you can take others better? Yes, those are valid questions, directed at you (or me)… With the major question being Who do you live for? This question could be interpreted in its literal meaning but is not meant to be. I ask this question not meaning to ask why you are alive (or breathing), but meaning to ask who you strive daily to please and impress? A lot of us live to please others. We spend our time wanting to get that seal of approval from someone that we look up to, idolize, or don’t want to disappoint: a parent, sibling, spouse, boss, child, friend, family member, lover…. someone else but ourselves. We beat ourselves up whenever we deviate from this cause, or sense that this person is not feeling very satisfied with us. We think of ourselves as less than perfect and strive more and more for this person’s seal, we live for this person only, and forget to live for ourselves.

This is a topic that a lot of us can identify with, living most of our lives trying to please others. So much so that by the time we realize this, it’s too late and we don’t know how to live for ourselves, first before others.

So ask yourself who you live for, and really think about the answer you give. If you live for anyone else but yourself (first), it’s time to take a step back and reassess. Now, friends, I say this not for you to stop loving and caring for loved ones, but for you to love and care for yourself first; so that you can love and care for others better. Make your livelihood about taking care of yourself first; be happy and healthy first; so that you have the strength to attend to others. Make living about you first, so that others see that you value yourself; that way they can appreciate you for who you are and treat you like you deserve to be treated. Live for yourself first, so that you can look back on your journey (at any point in time) and give yourself a nod of approval. Saying yes, I love myself just as much as I need to, and I am able to love others more because of this. Live for yourself first, so that those who see you can learn to emulate and also love themselves first, so that they can love others more. Live for yourself first, so that when you get asked who you are living for, the answer-without a doubt- will be a resounding, ME!

So I ask us this question and hope that we are able to sincerely reflect on it, respond honestly and take necessary action. Who do you live for?


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