Bless Others with your Talent!


Do you Bless Others with your Talent?

Don’t sit on your talent, please, bless others with your talent! Everyone has at least one God-given (innate) talent/skill, no matter how insignificant they think it is… The talent to sing, act, write, draw, work the crowd, calculate, connect with others, focus, see above the weeds, summarize long paragraphs, speed read, etc… We each have at least one innate skill that we enjoy, and relish having… At least one talent that makes us feel special, warm and proud, whenever we use it… You know what I am talking about! I am speaking about that thing in you, that you use so infrequently, but whenever used you (or others) around you realize how good you are with it… That thing that you pour your heart and soul into and don’t mind doing for hours and hours because you enjoy it and it makes you feel good inside… That thing that once done, you pack inside of you; only to release it again when you have time (which is never) … That thing that when you get older you may wish that you used more often; because it brings you so much joy and pleasure… Yes, that thing… your talent… What do you do with it? Is it sitting lame-duck within you or are you developing it, for bigger purposes?

Talents are not only meant to be admired individually but are to be shared with others. Now that being said, having a special a talent is just the beginning of this wonderful experience. As with everything else, you have to develop the talent in order to derive its maximum benefits. Developing your talent leads to greater appreciation, confidence, and self-satisfaction. Okay, so if you are like me, I am sure your wheels are churning and you are thinking… Yeah, I hear you… I can sing, but I don’t like singing in front of people and having them staring at me… or yeah, I can draw… but I don’t want anyone to criticize my work or put it down… or yeah, I like working the crowd, but I only do it at parties, when I feel good…

Well, here’s my comeback… Why? Why all these excuses? Why are you afraid of developing your talent? Why are you afraid of using your innate skill to your betterment and the gratification of others? So what? So what if they criticize your drawing? So what if they stare at you? So what if it is uncomfortable working the crowd outside of a party? Come out of your shell and get comfortable with the uncomfortable things (this is always the first step to breaking barriers and moving to greater heights), see beyond the uncomfortable and learn to move past them and progress to the comfortable, fun part of developing your talent. Remember, nothing good comes easy… you need to feel the burn in order to enjoy the run!

Does this mean that you have to go sing in a 500-people Opera house, or put your art into a high-end museum….? NO! But it does mean that you have to put yourself out there…. In order to overcome your inhibitions…  Begin small… for example if you have the talent of a great singing voice, begin to sing in front of the family, train a little (at home- YouTube, online lessons– or take a community college class), then progress to singing in front of friends, train more, then find opportunities to sing within familiar territories (church, school, community centers…). Now if you want your talent to pay you (which is always a great idea) then look for little gigs…, then look for big gigs…, and then the sky is the limit.

There is a simple poem, by St. Jerome,  my father used to recite to us as kids. This poem never really resonated with me until recently.

Good, better, best.

I will never rest

Until my good is better

And my better best!

(attributed to being authored by St. Jerome)

As a kid, I used to think the poem was too extreme and nonsensical (because everyone needed rest and what was meant by good becoming better and better becoming best)? But in reflecting on the poem, I now agree with its message, you can never become the best in anything that you don’t practice and give your all.

So friends, who is ready to invest in their talent, and never rest until their good talent, become better and their better talent, becomes best. I am rocking this boat with you all. So who’s with me? Let’s rock this boat together, shine on and bless others with our talent(s)!