Last Day of 2017

Upward Year
2018 I am moving upward to everything great! The Stars are already aligned. So who’s brave enough to come along!

The Last Day of 2017- My Reflection of 2017 and Excitement for 2018

This is it, the last day of 2017.The fat lady is about to sing, the big kahuna about to blow his horn. The 365 days in 2017 is about to be spent.

WOW! What a year this was for me! A year of multiple discoveries, a year like non- that I have ever experienced! A year of emotional roller-coaster, a year of self-discovery, a year of self-assessment and determination of what is relevant and irrelevant. I can very confidently say that I grew up this year! I came into my own- in many ways. In 2017, I tapped into my inner strength and told myself that I did not have to succumb to the status quo. I didn’t have to do things because others wanted me to, especially if it didn’t benefit me or make me happy. In 2017, I learned to stand up and say NO, if it wasn’t favorable to me! I learned to question myself and control my emotions on things that easily roused me up. I learned that although I love taking care of people and putting others needs before mine, it was more beneficial to take care of myself first so that I could take great care of others. In 2017 I learned that I still have a lot to discover about myself and my strengths.

2017 was a great year for me, tough and challenging because of the difficult questions, decisions, and discoveries that I had to make, but great because all of these questions, decisions, and discoveries created a better me.

I believe I have laid a great foundation for 2018. I look forward to a greater 2018. I look forward to challenging myself to become a better person internally and externally. I will be my own accountability manager. I have felt the great feeling of self-actualization and development and promise myself to keep improving. There is no turning back for me! I have only one direction to go in 2018 and it is upward to greater, higher and better achievements. I am looking forward to this and GOD is already propelling me!

So, THANK YOU 2017, you served your term well, but it’s now turn for you to rest and move aside for 2018.

So friends let’s collectively roll into 2018; with confidence, force, and determination to excel and make this world a better place. Here’s to a bigger and better 2018! Who’s with me?


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