When the going get tough! Be determined to come out on top!

Yes! When the going gets tough, be determined to come out on top! Never give up, until it’s over. You have it innately to succeed. This is not a new skill, we’ve all been using it since we were created. Don’t believe me? Well let me tell you… We  didn’t give up when we were formed as a little pea-size embryo in our mamas’ stomachs… we didn’t give up when we had to swim in stomach fluid for a period of time… and when the going got tough and mama decided to push us out of our comfort zones, we were very determined to survive and we definitely came out on top! We came out on top when we learned to turn, crawl, smile, grow and survive! We come out on top everyday, when we sleep and wake up… So see in all these tough situations that become ordinary parts of our daily lives, our determined selves always come out on top. So why break that tradition and settle for less? We’ve got the ability to thrive and succeed! It is in each and every one of us. We have been innately created to fight and survive… to always come out on top, whenever we dig deep and wield our determination.

So please never give up just because you think a journey is tough, you’ve handled toughness all your life! It’s just a different type of toughness! That’s it, you’ve got the innate skills to maneuver through it and succeed! It may sometimes seem like you won’t come out on top…; but why stop before you ever find out? And believe me no matter what the outcome is, you’ll always come out on top! You’ll either get what you are aspiring for, or gain new experiences that can help you in future. 

In any situation that you find yourself in, always remember that you are a fighter! You’ve been one since you were created as a tiny little pea… If you could survive that and the great ordeal of being born; what’s another tough challenge, to you? Never give up! And oh, the moments you feel the most like giving up, are the moments you have to dig deeper, find your innate skills (of perseverance, determination and survival); hold steadfast and KNOW that you are COMING OUT ON TOP!