Practice Builds Confidence

Yes, practice builds confidence! In whatever you do/want. You must practice various times to build your confidence in order to achieve excellence/satisfaction. Now don’t get me wrong, practice does not mean holding off- and letting opportunities pass you by, because “you are not ready for the real experience”. No! Practice means 1) preparing for the experience, 2) anticipating the outcome of the experience, 3) going for it, knowing that failure is not an excuse to stop but an opportunity to improve 4) stopping to assess your progress 5) fine-tuning and improving 5) then repeating 1) through 5) until you get what is desired! Each time you go through the cycle, you get better and your confidence improves. You may feel discouraged, you may feel nervous, but remember to keep you eye on the goal, and practice, practice, practice! In the process you will refine your approach and may even refine your goal, but don’t give up and think that “you are not good enough” just because it didn’t work the first few times! Don’t sit and wait for a miracle either! Practice, tweak your approach, go for it, and watch yourself get better, watch your confidence grow, as you become experienced at what you want.

So there you have it, practice, practice, practice! … and build your confidence while you do so. Yes, practice builds confidence… and if you get perfect at it… then that’s an added bonus!