You Have the Power

Yes, You Have the Power!

Yes! You have the power to do anything you set your mind to. Why not use it? Why are you letting your power (and potential) lie dormant?

Most of us either do not realize the enormity of the power that lies within us or are afraid to tap into that power; because what’s easy and comfortable is “normal”. A lot of us go around feeling helpless and thinking that we cannot do various things; because we “just don’t know how”. We rely on others to help us achieve our expectations and then get mad when disappointed. So… two things… 1) YOU HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN and 2) YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CREATE YOUR OWN NEW NORMAL!

Taping into your inner strength is not always easy, but very invigorating! You’ll have to dig deep, challenge habits that you’re used to thinking is normal (because you’ve programmed your mind to using these as defaults), and train yourself to develop new norms! This- my friends- once done, is the beginning of self awareness and segue to self development. Understanding the power within you; being aware of how awesome it is to be able to “move mountains”- when you set your mind to it; and knowing how to tap into and use that power to propel you to greater heights!

If nothing, you hold the key to unlocking your inner power. You have the ability to dig deep and ignite your fire... and in actualizing the two above mentioned things; you will find the drive to using your inner power to propel you to better heights. So… don’t sit, waiting for others to “help unlock your power chamber”. Grab the key today, unlock your chamber of immense potentials and brace yourself for the ride! The one warning that I have for you, is that it’s not always going to be an easy ride; but if you don’t give up (and keep propelling yourself), you’ll look back and see that you’re in a better place; than sitting lame duck!

Remember you have the power! Don’t wait for someone (something or some occurrence) to unlock your potentials for you; tap into your power today and then find resources to help build your strengths. Go for it and don’t look back!

Good luck and remember to always Makeitagr8day!