AṢẸ- Adds Power to the End of your Wish!

What do you do when you make a wish? At the end of your wish, do you leave it dangling? How do you feel when you make a dangling wish? Do you feel like you just made a weak request…left out there, waiting for you to find it…or do you feel like you commanded your request into action so that it can find its way to you! Do you know that a wish is a prayer? So why do you finish your prayers with a strong command- Amen, but leave your wishes dangling?

What’s a wish if not completed with a command…. a timid request for something we are not even sure we will ever get?… Imagine making a wish and ending it with a powerful affirmative command- AṢẸ!- a powerful African word which translates in so many ways to a finite command that your wish shall come true and through!

Aṣẹ- in Yoruba (West African) means And so it is, so shall it be, it shall be so, everything is so. Now that’s the way to end a wish! Commanding it into existence and willing it to manifestation. Using your power of oneness with your person, spirit and soul (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) to affirm your wish; believing in your affirmation and then letting it work its way to you. Knowing fully well that your wish is no longer a dangling wish, but a wish with a command to morph into existence.

So from now on friends, when you make a wish, finish it up with this powerful word, Aṣẹ! (And so it is)! And then go about your business working towards receiving your wish as it heeds your command and works its way towards you!

Stay well and May all your good wishes come true. Aṣẹ!



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