Wrap-up 2017 and Get Ready for 2018

It’s time to wrap up 2017 and get ready for 2018

We are now at the halfway mark of the last month of 2017. In order to wrap up 2017 and get ready for 2018, let’s:

  • review your 2017 goals, check accomplishments, perform an assessment of unaccomplished goals, roll forward those important goals that were unaccomplished; and shelf those unimportant and unaccomplished goals.
  • Begin thinking about and setting up your 2018 goals, poising yourself for the trigger- at 12:00 am, on 12/31/17- ready to hit the ground running!

Why must I do this, you may ask? Why can’t I just enjoy the last few days in 2017 and begin to think about my new year resolutions on 1/1/18?

Well, as my father says, s/he who fails to plan, plans to fail. You can not execute effectively and accurately, without having assessed the situation and set up a plan; …. and since slow and steady always wins the race, you want to slowly and methodically develop your 2018 plan so that you can steadily implement them and gain positive outcomes.

How do I implement, you may ask?

Think of the methods you used- in the past- to accomplish the things that you wanted the most and got. How did you plan for these things? What did you have to do to get these things done? Use the same strategies for planning for 2018 and then tweak them as needed; during the year.

I use a business strategic planning and development model and it works for me. If you don’t have a strategy, try this as you plan for 2018 and tweak it as you go. E.g if my strategic direction for 2018 is “Having fun”. That becomes my overarching motivation and here is how I’ll set it up:

Strategic direction:  Have fun in 2018

Mission statement:

To improve my quality of life by having more fun and only paying attention to what matters the most.

Vision Statement:

By the end of 2018, I will have gone on at least two out-of-town vacation trips and saved enough to go out-of-country in 2019. I will meditate frequently and train myself to not get easily worked up.


Develop monthly goals and 4 to 5 steps that will be taken to address the goals. I have included below, examples of monthly goals and steps. I recommend that you try to do this for the entire year; so that you can maintain and tweak as necessary. If not possible for the entire year, try to develop the goals and steps for the first quarter, and then update for the next quarter in the 3rd month of the quarter.


At the end of each month/quarter, assess your progress on each step/goal and determine if you completely accomplished your goal for the month. If steps were not completed move them to the next month and make sure you accomplish them there. Try not to move steps from a previous month down more than once (in order to hold yourself accountable and ensure continuous momentum). Also, try not to have more than 5 steps within a given month. That means, if you move a step to the next month, you should move a step from that month into the next month also.

At the end of the year, assess your progress towards your strategic direction and perform this goal setting exercise again.

Please let me know, how his works. I wish you the best of the rest of this year and an amazing 2018!


 Sample 2018 personal Goal Setting

January- Goals:

Begin saving, meditating and researching vacation spots


  • Research for a bank account with low fees and high-interest yields, where I can save my vacation funds.
  • Open a savings account
  • Learn about meditating
  • Practice 5 minutes of meditation nightly.
  • Research about vacation spots within the United State


Goals: Build savings, increase meditation, find fun things to do during the weekend


  • Save $100 per paycheck
  • Meditate with a purpose in mind
  • Practice 10 minutes of meditation nightly.
  • Connect with at least 1 friend each weekend


Goals: Build savings, increase meditation, identify vacation spots


  • Save $100 per paycheck
  • Identify vacation spots of interest within the United States
  • Meditate and find inner peace; practice 15 minutes of meditation nightly.
  • Identify at least 3 vacation spots of interest within the United States
  • Hang out with two friends during the weekend


Goals: Save, Meditate, connect with a vacation agent and begin planning


  • Save $100 per paycheck
  • Meditate and learn to control your feelings; practice 15 minutes of meditation nightly.
  • Find an agent that is not too costly and highly rated (with good reviews)
  • Meet with the agent and discuss vacation spots