Counting down to 2018


It’s the first day, of the last month, of this year!… Can you believe it! They say time flies when you’re having fun; well this year FLEW by like the CONCORD JET! I am sure that a lot has happened to all of us in 2017, and like all the other years gone by, we have stories to tell… but WAIT! Hold on for now, because we still have 30 days to color our stories; end this year with a pleasant bang; and start 2018 nicely.

So let’s work towards making these 30 days the best written pages of our 2017 story book! REFLECT! REACT! RECONCILE! Those should be our mantras for the next 30 days!

– Review your goals for 2017, have they mostly been accomplished? If not, get to working!

– Those New Year resolutions to loose 10 pounds, are they shed?… What are we waiting for? We can still do it in 30 days!

– What did you promise yourself to start or stop doing in 2017, did you fulfill your promise? Yes- great job, move on…. No- Now’s the time to implement… skip, skip!

Work on what ever you can each day in December- so that come 12/31/17, you can say “I’ve done my best”.

COME ON Y’ALL, let’s finish this year with a pleasant bang. We’re all in this together! We can do it, YES WE CAN!

#Makeitagr8day! #countdownto2018.

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